I met you
When it was summer
You came into my life
Like a wave crashing onto the shore

When we fell in love
It was fall
The colours were turning warmer
Just like our feelings for each other

It was still autumn
And we still talked
The leaves started to fall
Just like me for you

I kissed you the last time
When it was winter
And I thought
It would get warmer nevertheless

But everything just frozed
And you left me waiting
In the cold and sad weather
Wishing it was fall again.


people change just like seasons; my feelings for you don’t. (via writtenpolaroid)


As confused and as angry as I am, I still miss you.

Do you know how fucking pathetic that makes me feel?


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holy hell this

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to this day i still don’t know what DS stands for

dual screen

youve ruined everything

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What Guys should do to Drunk Girls - Video

Her neck is gonna hurt like hell in that position doe.

He put her head like that so in case she throws up she won’t drown in her own puke, very important